Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hye everybody! sudah lame tidak berblogging..hahaa...
Actually cikbam bru langgan now its time for me to start blogging..
Apa kabar kawan2? hopefully u guys sihat2 belaka..
Now cikbam got a new life..sudah tukar almost 6 months already..alhamdulillah..
Thats good for me to learn how to survive and try to do something new to be a better person.
Now, my job is really different with the previous a MANUAL!
Its out of my expectation when I work under R&D center..working with many people including Japanese..
It's quite interesting because my creation will be read by the people around the world..hehee..yeahh...
The working environment is good! I am comfortable with what I have now.Hopefully it will remain forever..insyaAllah...
Alhamdulillah, my life now better...Thank you ALLAH for giving me this chance.. :)
Alhamdulillah..everything goes well...
Skrg cikbam try to move on n get a better life..Semoga ari esok lebih baek dari hari ini dan ari2 sebelumnye..insyaAllah...
Disini cikbam ada share some new pictures.Enjoy! :)

with my cute buddy at office!

our creation

 at conference room

meja aku yg semak samun..haaha


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