Thursday, October 6, 2011


gurlz, what will u olz do when 7 guys try to grab ur heart?
this is my problem after i broke up with my ex boyfriend end of last year..
Have u ever heard about when u r single u r in trouble? or when u have couple with someone u loved u r also in trouble? oooo yeh...
so how do u choose a man? how u can identify who is suitable for u? really hard rite?
hahahahaha...i can juz laughing when they asked me which one is my boyfriend...
but then, i juz told them, they r all my friends...easy...
but now i can juz smile because i have chose a man for myself..
hoping and always hoping, happiness will always be ours forever
for final selection, there was 2 guys..really hard to choose..
coz i'm afraid of losing 2 of them n afraid if my decision will hurt them..
but my heart only one and I need to choose 1 of them..
plz, don't say u r lose, becoz i'm not getting married yet..haha
actually I love both of them..hahaha..crazy gurl lah!
but the one that I need was the one who always hold my heart..
That one was him! =) ngeeee~
for my friends who have not chosen, i'm so sorry, and thank u bcoz u olz love me n I always love u olz forever because u olz r my friends n always be by my side..really appreciate that....thank u very much...u olz soo sweet la! need my help, plz have a call oke! friends forever....nice
by : Cik Bam

nie aku kasi muke tdo, muke x leh blah, muke ape pn aku xtau...hahaha apelah!



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